Premiering now over on Outlaws Of The Sun:

Grandier with their first single "My Church Of Let It All Go" from their upcoming album "The Grace And Scorn Of Crows" out this fall with MMR! Grandier presents us with a rich and challenging style of epic doom metal with ambling heaviness and a unique, commanding vocal style at its core.

FFO Reverend Bizarre, Conan, ‘My Church of Let It All Go’ is a sneak peek of what’s coming for us with the full album this fall.

A deep-diving freefall into a bleak world of darkly melancholic and melodic vibrato, Grandier usher us into a dusty crypt of contemptuous guitar solos and ceremonially languorous tempos aside crashing rhythm, carefully constructed composition and powerful lyrics inspired by literature and arcane history, ironically mirroring the satire of today’s existence in comparison.

Give it a listen and prepare for indoctrination in the rites of Grandier this fall!

Thank you so much to the venerable Steve Howe for premiering this beastly number and thanks so much for reading and listening, Majestic people!


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We have signed with Majestic Mountain Records for our upcoming album
- The Grace & Scorn of Crows and it will be released september 2022

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Hailing from the finest riff and big melodies forge, Sweden, heavy ‘n hard rockers Grandier have just recently announced their signing with Majestic Mountain Records, who will release the band’s hotly anticipated debut in the fall off 2022! Grandier formed in late 2016 in Norrköping, while vocalist/bassplayer Lars Carlberg (ex. Bokor) teamed up with guitarist Patrik Lidfors for songwriting and studio sessions. With the inclusion of drummer Hampus Landin, a very special classic power rock trio was born. True to their roots, Grandier focus on slow and heavy riffs influenced by the classic hard rock and early metal, but also doom, psych and stoner. Add to this a pinch of grandeur, and maybe a hint of grunge, and Grandier deliver an exciting mix of all that is so tasty in Swedish heaviness.

Full album will be released in the fall of 2022, first single out 20th of may...
Proud member of the Majestic Mountain Records family